Bullet Bender MOD APK 1.17 (Unlimited Money) Download

Overview Information
NameBullet Bender
PublisherLion Studios
Latest Version1.17
PlatformsAndroid 5.0
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
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Bullet Bender MOD APK (Unlimited Money) is an action game with a simple style from the publisher Lion Studios. This game will not be too different from other products like Super Salon or Slap Kings. But it will not make you feel disappointed to enjoy it. First, let us learn a few things about this game.

About Bullet Bender

It can be noticed, Bullet Bender is one of the latest games from the famous Lion Studios publisher. This means that it will give players a great and new experience. The gameplay of this game is still built in the traditionally simple style. But the way it works has been changed quite a lot to help players feel more interesting.

As its name suggests, in this game players need to manipulate directly with the bullet and try to defeat as many targets as possible. Of course, you will operate directly on the game screen to achieve your desired goal. This is also the factor that makes the success of the publisher Lion Studios. So, they will not rush to change the way their products operate when not really needed.


In Bullet Bender, players will transform into a true gunner and destroy the increasing gangster gangs on the streets. They constantly kidnap hostages, as well as taking hostages to flee after successful missions. Therefore, your shots need to achieve high accuracy and perfection if you do not want these criminals to achieve your goals.

Specifically, players only need to touch the screen to help you shoot. Then, move your finger left or right to adjust the flight trajectory for the bullet. There will be relatively complex situations that require players to observe very closely to be able to complete the final goal. In general, the gameplay of this game is relatively simple so that players can get acquainted with the first experience.

Lots of levels

Bullet Bender is a simple game so you will have to overcome all the built-in levels. In the first screenplay, everything will be relatively simple to help players easy access to the controls and gameplay that it brings. In the next screen, the difficulty will increase gradually by bringing more criminals or appearing some important hostages. Remember that you cannot shoot at hostages. Because they will make you lose right away, just aim at the red objects shown on the experience screen.

The recording system will appear after each game screen. This will help players can observe their shot as vividly and as realistic as possible.

Note: The video will be fast-forwarded, not as slow as when you perform the manipulation and control of the bullet trajectory.

Variety stores

After each game screen, players will receive a certain amount of bonus corresponding to the achievement that they have achieved. You can use that money to buy your favorite decoration items in the store. Basically, the store in Bullet Bender is quite diverse with changes in the appearance of characters, bullets, guns, … This will definitely help players feel more interesting during the enjoying process. Watching video ads is also a smart solution for you to earn more income in this game.

Graphics and sound

The graphics of Bullet Bender are relatively simple. But it still gives players the feeling of excitement right from the first experience. The details in the game are not described too thoroughly. But the transition effects are quite smooth so you can enjoy stable gaming on low-profile devices. Note, ads will appear often when playing games so sometimes you will feel uncomfortable.

The sound of this game really makes us feel extremely excited about what it brings. The soundtrack plus the gunshots built into this game are impressive. So, you should try the game experience to verify it right away. Bullet Bender’s graphics and sound are impressive and don’t have too much to criticize.

MOD APK version of Bullet Bender

MOD feature:

  • Unlimited Money
  • Delete Ads

How to download and install

  1. First, download the Bullet Bender version in the link provided below the article.
  2. After the download is successful, click the Install button to let the installation take place immediately.
  3. After completing the installation, the logo of MODPLAY.iO’s Bullet Bender will appear just click to experience this game. Wish you have moments of an interesting experience.

Download Bullet Bender MOD APK for Android

Bullet Bender is a simple game extremely attractive and suitable for the majority of players in the present time. Are you looking for a game with a simple gameplay to entertain after stressful working and studying hours? Do not miss the appearance of this game. Download Bullet Bender via the APK link below now to discover the interesting things it brings. We believe that it will not let you down.

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