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NameBright Memory Mobile
PublisherFYQD Studio
Latest Version1.01
PlatformsAndroid 5.0
MOD FeaturesNo
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There are so many traditional FPS-style games appearing on the gaming market today that make it difficult for players to find a product that suits their interests. Therefore, we will continue to introduce you to a whole new blockbuster FPS game called Bright Memory Mobile APK + OBB from the publisher FYQD Studio. Basically, the operation of this game will not change too much compared to similar products like Fortnite or PUBG Mobile but upgraded a lot in terms of graphics to help the experience better with gameplay is optimized. Currently, players need to spend an amount equivalent to $ 2 to be able to download games through the App Store or Google Play. However, you can also download the game for free through the APK link integrated below this article. But first, let’s learn about Bright Memory Mobile with us.

The plot is carefully constructed

In Bright Memory Mobile, players will be brought to a future world when science and technology are outperforming the present. Most of the context of this game revolves around the adventures of Shelia – an agent of the Natural Science Research Organization (SRO). Until one day, this organization accidentally discovered a mysterious material hidden inside the ancient sword. It can be used to summon dead creatures in the past to serve the investigation of smuggling antiques around the world.

However, the SRO study has not been conducted for a long time and has received fierce attacks from a mysterious military organization called SAI. They invade the SRO research institute and steal mysterious material. The bad guys then changed the coordinates of the signal generator to the edge of the Arctic and discovered a “land in the sky” that many ancient creatures existed. On behalf of SRO, Shelia immediately accepted the task by stopping SAI and finding the truth. Are you ready to carry out the noble mission assigned to you in Bright Memory Mobile? Download the game as soon as you feel ready because this is not a simple task at all.

Fight with ancient creatures

Basically, the gameplay of Bright Memory Mobile (English) is not simple at all because it has been changed quite a lot compared to the games of the FPS genre on the gaming market today. During the game experience, players will be involved in intense gunfights and slash-and-slash, firing and launching into the air and launching thousands of layers of knives towards the enemy.

The special thing is that this game allows players to freely control their characters to move around on the map without any constraints. Thereby, you will find it easier to fight the ancient creatures in your own way. Remember that your enemies are from the past so their power is immense, so be very careful in each battle situation if you do not want to lose quickly.

Extremely diverse fighting style

Controls in Bright Memory Mobile are also arranged extremely diverse and complete to help players can easily manipulate with both hands on the screen easily. However, the integration of too many combat operations will make players need to spend a long time to be familiar and proficient in use. Therefore, the fighting style of the character will depend a lot on the player’s skills during the experience.

After fighting and leveling up, players will receive skill points, and there will be a lot of skills for players to choose. Each skill will have a different requirement to be able to perform. Therefore, your task is to choose for yourself the most necessary skills in each situation to be able to defeat the enemy quickly. Besides, your character also has some supernatural abilities such as stopping time, lifting everything around him and trying to destroy everything within a certain range … This means that Players can control special abilities with different effects and create a beautiful combo, combining skills, showing overwhelming power, smashing enemies in a short period of time.

Top-notch graphics

Bright Memory Mobile APK has an extremely beautiful graphics platform thanks to Unreal Engine 4 technology built-in. Thereby, the details in the game are reproduced in a very vivid and full promise to bring players the most wonderful experience moments possible. Besides, the effects in the game are also extremely carefully invested will make you feel extremely satisfied right from the first time to enjoy. Note, you should own a device with a high enough configuration to experience the game as smoothly as possible.


With traditional FPS gameplay, exciting futuristic context, and top-notch graphics, Bright Memory Mobile promises not to disappoint you with what it offers. This game has just been released recently, so there will still be some remaining flaws, so you need to wait a little longer for it to be completed. If you are a fan of FPS games, Bright Memory Mobile will definitely be a game that should be available on your smartphone or tablet.

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