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NameBoris and the Dark Survival
PublisherJoey Drew Studios
Latest Version1.13
PlatformsAndroid 4.4
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Stamina
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The survival series combined with the horror element has always received a lot of attention from players around the world. If in the previous articles we have introduced readers to famous games like The Walking Dead: Our World or Dark Days: Zombie Survival, then this article will mainly talk about Boris and the Dark Survival MOD APK (Unlimited Stamina). Basically, this is a horror game combined with survival recently developed by publisher Joey Drew Studios. The special thing is that this publisher does not have too many products released in the game market so they will always know how to give their games all that is considered to be the most quintessential. Therefore, Boris and the Dark Survival will surely bring players moments of experience that are really fascinating and fearful throughout the experience. First, let us find out about this game.


In Boris and the Dark Survival, players will still be taken to the old animation studio – where many previous horror games have been successfully conceived and applied. Join the game, the player will play the wolf Boris – Bendy’s familiar companion, during an adventure across the abandoned animation studio to get the necessary items for the survival process. This is not a simple adventure because you will face a lot of threats during the enjoyment, just a moment of distraction, your character may be destroyed immediately. instantly.

Basically, this game is still built on the image of typical yellow tones. This will make everything in the game become more haunting and horror than ever, thereby giving players the feeling of watching horror movies of previous decades. Besides, Boris and the Dark Survival also gives players a lot of documents related to the game experience. This will make everything more seamless and engaging than ever. Are you ready to explore the events mentioned in previous documents? Please download the game via the APK link below this article to do that right away.

Dangerous everywhere

Like other survival games on the gaming market today, there is no safe place in Boris and the Dark Survival. You will have to control your character constantly moving on the map to be able to find the required items that the game requires if you want to win quickly. Besides, always pay attention to the character’s stamina because if it is exhausted, it means that your character will die immediately.

If you feel like things are going badly, stop for a while, then eat something to help the character recover the body before starting to move forward. Remember that a lot of signs will appear on your way, so try to save the signs and search for clues to get out of here as soon as possible.

Facing the Ink Demon

The special thing is that you are not alone in this journey because the Ink Demon monster is always lurking us everywhere. Beware that your throbbing heart will attract the Ink Demon to appear and the situation will become extremely difficult if you are detected by it. Pay close attention to everything around you to ensure the safety of your character, this monster is always watching you look for opportunities to attack at any time.

Keep in mind that there are plenty of tools that can help you fight back against the Ink Demon and make it frightening, but this is not always the case in all situations. In Boris and the Dark Survival, players need to remain calm and move slowly if they do not want to be detected by the monster. No matter how scary it is, you need to keep an eye on the appearance of this monster, it can attack you from behind and will not let the prey escape when the target is detected.

Image quality really stands out

Referring to the visual element, Boris and the Dark Survival also shows the horror in each scene along with the color system that creates the necessary obsession that will not make players feel disappointed right away. from the first experience of the game. The details in the game are built based on the originals from reality so players will feel like they are immersed in the adventure right on their smartphone or tablet. In addition, the transition effects in the game are also shown relatively smoothly so you can enjoy the game in a stable and complete manner on low-profile devices.


Update version Boris and the Dark Survival (Latest MOD) developed by MODPLAY.iO

1. Below is the special MOD version information, you can check out the tutorial. Please read carefully to know if this MOD feature is special, avoid asking questions that take us a lot of time.

2. Paid: As you all know, Boris and the Dark Survival is a $ 0.99 paid game, but you can download and install completely free special APK and MOD versions at MODPLAY. Here, we provide you with two (latest) versions including one paid MOD version and APK original game. The special MOD version will include the following features.

3. Unlimited Stamina: This version includes many players who love to explore and learn the mysteries in the game. So your character can use infinite Stamina without worry.

General assessment

Boris and the Dark Survival show all the elements and features that a survival game combined with horror must-have. So players will always feel scared whenever playing the game in any about what time. If the image is a highlight of this game, the sound system is not inferior. The game is integrated with the sound system that is said to be excellent. And deposited will definitely bring players the most terrifying experience possible. Besides, the noises are described as extremely realistic and vivid during the game.

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5/5 - (1 vote)