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NameBoom Hero
Latest Version1.01.9
MOD FeaturesGod Mode, One Hit
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Boom Hero MOD APK (God Mode, One Hit) is a new game just launched a few days ago by TinyBytes. Join the game, gamers will play a warrior with the ability to shoot skillfully. Their opponents are force troops armed with modern weapons and armor. Yes, this will be an extremely fierce and survival battle. Join us to learn about it now.


Boom Hero is an action game combining with the survival factor that is common in popular titles like Survivalist: invasion or Fortnite. However, in the plot of the aforementioned games, all players participating in the game are the main characters. That means everyone has the ability to survive and the ability to use weapons almost equally. Of course, the chance of winning is calculated by surviving in the fierce battle 1v1.

As for Boom Hero, it seems that you have been given more power than your opponent, so instead of fighting 1v1, you will face alone 2-3 people, even an army. Boom Hero is a simple shooter with no too complicated controls and normal graphics. We call it idle action games.


For gamers with experience in the shooting game line, it will not take much time for them access to the gameplay of Boom Hero. Entering the game, gamers are provided with a shotgun and a certain number of bullets. After that, they will rush into the battle to confront the “anonymous” opponents. However, that doesn’t mean you should face them in the first place, instead, hiding in a safe place and waiting for the chance to kill them will make a smarter choice.

Attention, your opponent is not only one person. In some levels, you can see an army equipped with weapons, armor, tanks, even robot spiders. Although they own not too high HP, players need to destroy them with 4 to 5 bullets. Or if you’re lucky, you can knock out them with just a bullet to the head. Each level will end as soon as the final target is removed from the battlefield or when the player dies. That is the rule of survival in Boom Hero. You live to continue your journey or death will stop you.


Compared to other games of the same genre, Boom Hero possesses a relatively simple control system. Players just need to move the barrel of the gun to the target position, then, aim and shoot. However, in some cases, the target may run, jump, or fly to another location. Meanwhile, the game requires gamers to manipulate more flexibly. In a dangerous situation, temporarily hide in a safe place, reload the gun and wait for the right opportunity to finish the target. Note, some opponents may be equipped with knives and they are ready to attack you at close range. Therefore, if you want to keep your life, prioritize destroying them first.

Unique arsenal

Players will see a quite unique arsenal in Boom Hero with familiar pistols like UMP-45, M-4A1, Attack Damage, … even cannons, and long-range guns. Besides, after completing a number of missions, players will receive some other necessary equipment such as armor, helmets, some special bullets, or a new skill of the character … In general, Boom Hero’s arsenal and equipment are the mysteries that I want you to discover. This will definitely make you feel more excited.


In terms of graphics, I don’t have too many compliments for Boom Hero because its image quality hasn’t really made an impression. The characters in the game simulated in the animated style but are not too sharp and unique. Besides, the surrounding context is quite normal. However, for an idle action game like Boom Hero, gamers should feel satisfied with its average graphic quality. Moreover, the sound system is also quite lively creating a sense of authenticity needed. Perhaps this is a plus point of the game.

How to Install Boom Hero MOD or APK + OBB

In each article, we mention how to install the MOD or APK + OBB version of a game or app. If you’ve never read it, refer to the few steps below:

1. Download Boom Hero MOD APK by clicking the link below.

2. Unzip the downloaded file and copy it to the “Android / Obb” folder.

3. Wait a moment to install the game on the device, agree to all the requirements if any and you can enjoy it soon.

Download Boom Hero MOD APK (God Mode, One Hit)

If you love FPS or sniper action games, Boom Hero is a great choice for you. The game possesses hundreds of levels with unique missions and challenges. Your opponent can be anything, is the air force, mercenaries, armored tanks, helicopters, giant spiders, machine guns, cannons … However, you are a hero that was born out to fight like a machine. With a gun, bullets, and armor, you can conquer every battle to discover the mysterious story of this game. Tell me you are ready.

MOD feature:

  • God Mode
  • One Hit
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