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NameBomb Chicken
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The famous game Bomb Chicken MOD APK (Unlimited Money) on PC is now available on mobile platforms. This is an extremely addictive game with optimized controls and vivid 2D graphics. Have you thought of controlling a chicken and placing bombs everywhere? This is definitely an enjoyable experience if you’re bored with regular games like Dribble Hoops and Spiral Roll. But first, let’s see what it has.


Bomb Chicken is one of the most interesting titles of Nitrome in its collection of hundreds of products. Talking about the publisher of Nitrome, we were quite impressed with how to build the game based on funny cartoon characters to bring a fun and humorous experience. In particular, their games are always addictive and entertaining, and they are also integrated with the intellectual element with brainstorming puzzles like never before. To solve every situation, sometimes you need a smart comb and a little luck. If you don’t believe it, try some of their typical games like Spicy Piggy, Cooped Up, and Bomb Chicken – the game will be talked more in this article.


Possessing the characteristic features of its predecessors, Bomb Chicken is a walking game that combines the intellectual and role-playing elements perfectly to continue the success in the Nitrome publisher’s career. To understand it better, I think you need to know a little bit about the story the “boss” built for his product.

After a bizarre accident, an ordinary chicken suddenly turned into a bomb hero. He can use this peculiar power to place giant bombs anywhere, destroy buildings and collect precious diamond shards. As for you, you will be the commander of this hero to fight the stupid robots.

Wait, why do we have to help a mutant chicken to fight? They are the one who sells chicken food accompanied by an unknown green sauce. Is this the beginning of a horror story? Let Chicken explore every corner of Bomb Chicken to unravel everything.


Do you know Mario games? Bomb Chicken is quite similar to this game. All operations will take place continuously on the screen horizontally from left to right. Players need to control a chicken to place bombs in several locations to destroy brick walls, kill wildlife or even kill BFC factory employees. This is the basis for Chicken to continue her journey through many levels and advance to the final stage.

You need to touch the screen to place the bomb with the desired number, you can even throw bombs to quickly defeat enemies. The longer you go, the players unlock more secret areas to find the final exit and proceed to the next level. Note, stay away from bombs because that can be a “burial place” for yourself. The bombs will explode after a certain time and within that time, the player can run to the nearest safe area.

Strategic element

Although it looks simple, Bomb Chicken still requires players to apply strategies to solve all situations. The game will take place at a fairly fast pace right from the start. Therefore, quickly get used to its gameplay with your ability and experience. To win the game, gamers need to determine how many bombs they should place and where they are best suited. Moreover, you also need to pay attention to the precious treasure chests and diamond pieces that appear along the way. You also need to collect them to enrich resources.

Game levels

Each level offers a different challenge that the player seems unpredictable. Obstacles, machines, predators, guards, etc. are all built to hinder the player’s journey. Therefore, things will not be too easy to conquer. In particular, in the final game screen, players will fight directly with the giant behind everything.

He is not as easy to destroy as some of the guards you meet before. Be careful with giant bombs or even lasers from him, then place multiple bombs to destroy him slowly. As far as I know, not too many gamers can overcome this level. How about you? Join in to prove your ability.


Bomb Chicken is integrated classic pixel graphics gently in 2D format. The characters in the game are designed in an animated style with a cute and funny appearance. More worth mentioning is the sound system and effects integrated. Extremely vivid sound to create a pulsating and thrilling rhythm, along with that, you can also see the effects of bombs, fire, smoke, light … reproduced quite faithfully.

Download Bomb Chicken MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Bomb Chicken is a fun action game that you should not miss this summer. Although you have to control a rather stupid chicken, accompanying it in the game will bring unexpected challenges and uplifting emotions. If you are a fan of old games like Mario, I think this is the top choice in the current list of outstanding games.

Note: The game is available on App Store and Google Play but players have to pay to play it. Instead, you can download the MOD version of Bomb Chicken at the link below this article. Not only is it free, but it also offers infinite money and diamonds for comfortable play. Everything is too simple to play Bomb Chicken on the phone right now.

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  • Unlimited Money
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