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Overview Information
NameBlades of Brim
PublisherSYBO Games
Latest Version2.7.6
PlatformsAndroid 4.0.3
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
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Blades of Brim MOD APK (Unlimited Money) is a fighting action game combined with the Endless Running style that stormed the market not long ago. The game was developed by the famous Sybo publisher and is attracting over 200 thousand installs on the Google Play app. Experience it now to accompany warriors and conquer all challenges.


Talking about the endless running game series, everyone must remember Temple Run 2 and Subway Surfers. At a time when this game has dropped the heat, gamers once again fell in love with Blades of Brim – the game has similar gameplay but is designed in a different context. With the outstanding success before, Sybo publisher continues to launch this product with new features. That promise to bring a different experience for players.

The appearance of this game has brought a breath of fresh air to the endless running game genre. If you are one of the gamers who love the old series that is asking for new improvements, Blades of Brim will be the best choice at the moment. Are you ready to enjoy a new world in this game?


Players have been back to the role of brave warriors once again. However, unlike Temple Run, players not only run to preserve their lives. But the warriors in Blades of Brim also have to destroy monsters to complete the noble mission.

Your enemy is none other than the Goon henchmen of the dark witch. They appear everywhere on the track, including dungeons, mountains, valleys, … And with the control of the witch, they are always ready to fight and defeat the warriors. Although it is possible to dodge them by changing the course of the run, the Blades of Brim warriors will not do so. You will be brave to face and kill all the monsters in the way with your own strength and the support of magical creatures.


While still keeping the endless running path, Blades of Brim has been integrated with the role-playing element. That is, besides maintaining the running path as far as possible. The player must collect items, open treasures, and destroy monsters. With a quick and accurate sword slash, your warrior can take out the small monsters immediately. However, for the Giant Boss, players need to combine the use of simultaneous attacks with the correct actions to destroy them quickly and continue the way forward. In addition, players will also have the opportunity to meet, recruit a variety of pets, and use them as a mount during the fiction journey.

In terms of difficulty compared to Temple Run 2 or Subway Surfers, Blades of Brim are slightly better. Because the level of the game always brings many challenges with ferocious monsters and deadly traps. Along with that, the game also requires gamers to exchange, upgrade equipment, raise pets … However, if you have ever experienced the previous games before, you will definitely feel excited and the difficult challenges will be factors that inspire. The endless racing in Blades of Brim is always ready for courageous players to join and conquer it.

Character system

One thing that makes me feel quite impressive about the Blades of Brim is the extremely unique character system. When entering the game, you will get the default character – Zuma. He was dubbed the “killer” with the ability to move skillfully, the super speed of movement with the holy sword Brim. However, when accumulated enough experience and gold, players can unlock countless other powerful warriors.

Each warrior will have its own ability and strength, so choose a suitable character to deal with monsters and conquer all challenges from the game. In addition, magic creatures with extremely beautiful appearance will definitely be a great choice to accompany players on this exciting journey.

Some frequently asked questions

1. Are Blades of Brim too heavy to download on mobile devices?

Blades of Brim is a game that has been supported for many different platforms, including Android, IOS and PC. With a capacity of less than 90 MB, games can be downloaded to the device quickly and experienced smoothly even on a low-profile device.

2. Is there any special thing with the version of APK Blades of Brim at MODPLAY.IO?

Currently, Blades of Brim is available on online game apps like App Store and Google Play. However, with APK Blades of Brim, players are allowed to use infinite gold for free to buy pets, upgrade equipment, unlock characters … Along with that, many preferential features are also available in this version that you cannot find it in the original version.

How to install Blades of Brim

1. First, you need to download the “Blades of Brim MOD APK” version below this article.

2. After that, you install as normal APK version

3. After installation is complete, you will see the icon of the game Blades of Brim. Click to experience, and enjoy the endless run.

Note: Occasionally, the first time you enter the game will blacken the screen because of the MOD. But do not worry, you just need to exit and exit to start the special MOD feature.

Download Blades of Brim MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

There are many things about this game but we cannot cover them all in this article. Therefore, experience it yourself and make the most accurate comment. More than any similar product on the market today, Blades of Brim is an extremely attractive game with familiar endless gameplay, vivid context, and a unique character system. The legendary race track in Temple Run has been recreated in this game in a new style with a story of warriors, witches, and magical creatures. Do you feel the old memories are recalled when experiencing Blades of Brim? This would be great.

MOD Features:

  • Unlimited Money
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3/5 - (4 votes)