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NameBlack Desert Mobile
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Black Desert Mobile APK is an MMORPG game developed by PEARL ABYSS. Although it was just released not long ago, Black Desert Mobile has had more than 1 million installs on Google Play and received a lot of positive comments from users. This is enough to show the impact of this game on the fans. And if you want to experience it, first learn some of the following important information.

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Introduce about Black Desert Mobile

Through the success of the Black Desert on the PC platform, the publisher PEARL ABYSS decided to develop this game on mobile. This new version is called Black Desert Mobile, is considered a perfect miniature version of the Black Desert. But still promises to bring a completely new experience for players during the experience.

While graphics are always the most important aspect of a PC-converted game. Black Desert Mobile has really made fans admired by the perfection of every detail. This contributes to bringing the necessary familiarity for gamers when participating in the fantasy world.

Join the historic battle

Similar to the plot of the PC-based game, Black Desert Mobile tells the conflict between the two the Kingdom of Valencia and the Republic of Calpheon. In the past, the world of the Black Desert was inherently peaceful. But the war happened when people thought that the merchants of the Kingdom of Valencia had spread the black disease and caused the deaths of tens of thousands. From there, Calpheon formed an alliance with the goal of fighting Valencia. This historic war began and lasted from 30 years ago until now.

When participating in the game, you will officially participate in the epic battle. Becoming one of the strongest warriors to fight with other opponents on the map. Players will own the characters in the game and use their skills to destroy enemies. That is the main gameplay of Black Desert Mobile. However, this game also contains many other features that you need to research for yourself and experience to better understand.

Choose your own mission

Join the game, you will be able to choose one of the characters of 5 different classes these are Ranger, Warrior, Berserker, Valkyrie, and Witch. Each character class possesses different skills and powers to make choices for players during the experience. However, when you choose any character, you have chosen the mission for yourself. Therefore, please learn carefully about the characters to know about their strengths and weaknesses. This will be to create certain advantages for the player when fighting with other opponents in the fantasy world.

Characters selected by the player will fight for the sake and the daily goals are integrated. They will use a set of 8 skills to confront powerful bosses who are always ready to wait in the dungeon. Players need to choose their favorite skills and put them in the available boxes. Through these skill boxes, players can create chains of different power combinations, thereby damaging the opponent and defeating them instantly. Besides, the characters also need to be upgraded to become stronger day by day. So, never forget to do it.

Graphics make a difference

Black Desert Mobile possesses an excellent graphics platform thanks to the successful optimization from the PC version. Every detail, shape, and movement of the character is meticulously depicter. This contributes to the vividness and authenticity of the player experience when participating in Black Desert Mobile. You can not only participate in fierce battles but also admire the majestic scenery and beautiful cartoon characters that are perfectly describe in every detail. It can be said that the graphics of this game really make us feel surprised and excited.

Download Black Desert Mobile APK (Global New Version)

As a mobile version, Black Desert Mobile actually achieved certain successes. The game allows you to perform many other activities such as farm management, taming wild animals, finding pets, and even riding horses on the map. Besides, the game also brings new and unique experiences. Participating directly in the game to find out.

3.1/5 - (44 votes)


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3.1/5 - (44 votes)

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