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NameBig Battle 3D
PublisherKwalee Ltd
Latest Version1.1.7
PlatformsAndroid 5.0
MOD FeaturesFree Upgrade
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Besides the development of Voodoo or Ketchapp, the publisher Kwalee is also quite prominent at the moment thanks to the simple gameplay with interesting games released in the game market. It can include some extremely attractive products such as Crazy Shopping or Draw it that has made many players in the world feel excited during the experience. In this article, we will introduce readers to the latest game to the home of Kwalee publisher called Big Battle 3D MOD APK (Free Upgrade) which promises to bring you moments of extremely unique experience right on the phone.

Currently, this game is being released for free on both the App Store and Google Play so players can easily access to download the game to their device quickly. First, let us learn briefly about it.

Introduce Big Battle 3D

Big Battle 3D will take players to a vast land, where many countries operate independently and they are ready to invade neighboring lands to expand their territory. In the game, the player will become a talented general hero with the task of controlling his army to invade other kingdoms. This is not a simple task because it will bring you a lot of danger. Just a small mistake in the layout of the army, you will receive defeat quickly.

Therefore, players need to build for themselves a good army to be able to defeat all opponents in every battle that they participate in. Basically, you only need to do a few simple actions in Big Battle 3D to upgrade your army to become stronger. Pay attention to the parameters available on the experience screen, click on the appropriate location to increase the strength of your army. In general, you will not take too much time to get acquainted with how this game works. Its gameplay will be introduced right below this article.

Gameplay simple

If you are a fan of simple series, you can not ignore the appearance of Big Battle 3D. It offers extremely easy-to-understand gameplay and does not require too many manipulations of the player during the process experience. This will help you to enjoy the game at any time you want without affecting too much progress in the game.

Specifically, the player will directly command an army to fight the enemy in different levels to gain special trophies. The important thing is that you will not be allowed to command your army during the battle. Which means that you will have to do everything at the pre-battle preparation stage.

Basically, Big Battle 3D offers players 3 military upgrade options including Army Size, Weapon and Offline Earnings. Each option gives players different advantages and you need to upgrade them evenly to maximize the power of your army. For example, Army Size will help increase the size of the army and help them increase defense in battles. Or Offline Earnings will help you earn more money even when not logged into the game.

Note, players only need to click on the icon of each upgrade to own them immediately. Remember, the higher the upgrade level, the higher the amount of money you need to spend. So please consider carefully before deciding to upgrade to avoid wasting happening.


As a game with simple gameplay, it is not too difficult to understand. When Big Battle 3D allows players to watch the whole battle without having to do anything. Basically, the battles in the game are extremely chaotic and do not follow any rules. Simply put, whose army is stronger and more numerous, the odds of winning will increase. Therefore, you should pay attention to upgrade your military system to help them become invincible in all wars. Overall, the view from the top that this game brings will definitely help you get a better overview of the battle. Thereby, making appropriate upgrade decisions in each given situation.

2D Graphics

It can be noticed, graphics are not the highlight of this game although it is equipped with a familiar 3D graphics format. The details in the game are depicted in a minimalist style. Along with the images of the characters depicted not so unique. This will certainly make many players feel dissatisfied. However, we can sympathize with Big Battle 3D because it is a game of simple traditional gameplay. Therefore, we will not pay much attention to display quality.

Download Big Battle 3D MOD APK (Free Upgrade)

Big Battle 3D is a simple game that owns relatively new gameplay on the game market today. It will compete directly with countless products of the simple genre. So it must show its appeal to many players if it wants to survive in the game market. Basically, this game possesses a relatively new operation and is unlike any other product. Therefore, you can be assured of the exciting moments that this game brings from the first time to enjoy it.

MOD Features:

  • Free Upgrade
  • No Ads
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3.7/5 - (11 votes)