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Overview Information
NameAWP Mode
PublisherAzur Interactive Games
Latest Version1.7.0
PlatformsAndroid 5.0
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Ammo
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AWP Mode MOD APK (Unlimited Ammo) is the top 1 shooting game in the world, developed and published by Azur Interactive Games. It is completely different from the products we introduced in previous articles such as Fortnite or Garena Free Fire. Basically, players will be able to participate in real gun battles in this game. And you will need to show your marksmanship if you want to win the final victory. Join us to find out now.

Character system

Like most other shooting games in the game market, the first task of the player in AWP Mode will still be to choose a suitable representative. However, this character will not accompany you during the game experience. Because you can change other characters if you save a certain amount of money. The later this game will bring you the necessary additions for your character such as hats, armor … So you can completely create a character that suits your interests easily.

Familiar control

In order to help players feel familiar from the first experience. The publisher Azur Interactive Games Limited has kept the familiar control mechanism in AWP Mode. Therefore, most control operations are integrated intuitively right on the experience screen to help players can easily manipulate with both hands.

Basically, players will still use the virtual steering wheel button integrated on the left of the experience screen to help their characters freely move and approach the enemy easily. Function keys such as healing, reloading, aiming, sitting down, standing up, … are all described by different symbols. That will surely bring you satisfaction from the first experience.

Join the battle

After completing the character selection process, players will start participating in fierce battles in AWP Mode. And fight with other opponents around the world. Do not worry, because there will be other teammates to stand side by side with you in these difficult matches. Your task is to coordinate well with your teammates. Thereby gaining strategic positions so that you can gain an advantage over other opponents.

In addition, the matches in AWP Mode will take place in the first-person perspective, with countless environments ranging from snowy mountains, forests, tall buildings to some special scenes like a normal room but all participants are scaled back. And at this time normal items such as chairs and tables will become giant barriers for players to take advantage of. If you do not hide in safe places, the odds of being hit by the opponent will be very high.

In addition, the mechanism of action of this game is relatively simple. And does not change too much compared to other games of the same genre on the game market. Each match will take place within 5 minutes, the match will end when one of the two teams play destroying 40 enemy networks. Or after the specified time period ends, the outcome will depend on the number of kills killed by each team playing to identify.

Huge arsenal

As predicted by many players around the world, most of the weapons in AWP Mode are specialized sniper rifles. This means that the player will have to destroy the opponent from extremely far distances. So just adjusting the angle unreasonably, you will lose the opportunity to destroy the opponent immediately. This game offers a multitude of exclusive sniper guns for all sizes, from Mosin – Nagant to CVD and M24s. Please prepare all equipment and let the opponent know the stature of a true gunner through this game right away. What are you waiting for? Quickly download the game via the APK link below the article and experience it now.

Stunning graphics

In terms of graphics, AWP Mode is extremely impressive thanks to the integrated 3D graphics format. Most of the details in the game are meticulously elaborated in terms of images. Along with the extremely successful depicted combat effects that will surely bring players vivid and beautiful battles as possible. In addition, the map in this game is also extremely diverse. Allowing players to freely change after each battle to create excitement during enjoyment.

MOD APK version of AWP Mode

MOD feature:

  • Unlimited Ammo

Download AWP Mode MOD APK (Unlimited Ammo)

AWP Mode is a product with familiar gameplay with beautiful 3D graphics based on realistic physics. This means that players will be free to participate in extremely fierce battles with other opponents around the world. If you are a shooter lover, then this game will definitely be a name not to be missed in the present time. In addition, this game is also optimized and runs smoothly on all Android devices from 5.0 and up.

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4.5/5 - (6 votes)