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Attack on Titan TACTICS APK is a strategy game developed by DeNA based on the plot of this story. Basically, the gameplay of this game will be quite different from similar products. Such as European War 6: 1914 or Castlevania: Symphony of the Night so you can be assured of the new that it brings. First, let us learn briefly about Attack on Titan TACTICS in this article.

About DeNA publisher

You may not know, DeNA is a publisher from beautiful Japan. They were founded by Namba Tomoko on March 4, 1999, and are headquartered in Tokyo. Referring to the anime production industry, you’ve probably seen the famous names like The Idolmaster, Shingeki No Bahamut from DeNA. As for mobile games, they have also developed extremely popular games in 2019 such as Pok√©mon Masters or Mario Kart Tour.

Attack on Titan TACTICS is the latest game from this publisher. So it owns quite a lot of great accents promising to give players the best experience right from the enjoyment. Does it really stand out from previous products from DeNA? Join us to learn that right now.

Original storyline

The first notable highlight of Attack on Titan TACTICS is probably on the plot side when it remains the same with the manga series of the same name. This means that players will experience the feeling of storming the battlefield and fighting the giant Titans appearing everywhere on the map. Specifically, players will be taken to the time when the Titans have broken the vast wall and are ready to conquer human habitation. They break down all the layers of defense systems that humans have taken so long to create before. Thereby directly threatening the lives of all humans around the world.

On a dark day, the Titans head to the village where he lives and eats Eren’s mother. This makes this boy always intends to fight and destroy all Titan in the world and bring peace to humanity. Will you help him carry out that noble mission? Join this game experience to make this dream come true.

Familiar tactical gameplay

Basically, Attack on Titan TACTICS belongs to the genre of tactics combined with the familiar tower defense style. Here, players will have to form an army of their own and fight against the Titans to protect the peace of all humanity. Like the events taking place in the manga series of the same name.

The gameplay of this game is quite similar to the famous Clash Royale game when it gives the player an energy bar called pas throughout the course of the game. And when the player puts the card on the battlefield, it automatically summons the card character to fight the Titans. Your task in this game is to destroy the entire Titan army before they can reach the defensive wall when they destroy the wall. You will have to start all things from the plump zero.

Build a strong army

In Attack on Titan TACTICS, players will be free to build their army through the built-in cards. So please understand the use and strength of each card before deciding to use it. In addition to the character summon cards, there are a number of support cards with different effects such as Titan’s chi cutting, blindness, retention, … This will help you a lot during the battle with Titan.

Besides, this game will be integrated with 38 completely different characters, including very popular characters in the original movie such as Eren, Mikasa, and Levi. Attack on Titan TACTICS heroes will come alive through the voice actors of the original anime. Therefore, you will always feel the excitement during the game experience.


Next, the graphic quality of Attack on Titan TACTICS is not too prominent compared to other games of the same genre although still equipped with the familiar 3D format. The details in the game are shown in a familiar cartoon style but have not been carefully invested. So players will not witness the beautiful and vivid battle scenes during the experience.

What the special version of Attack on Titan TACTICS

Note: The special MOD version is in development

– Weakening the opponent in the blink of an eye
– Using 1 attack can destroy Titan immediately
– Unlimited money
– No advertisements appear

How to install Attack on Titan TACTICS version original APKs simple

Step 1: Download the APKs version of the Attack on Titan TACTICS game at the end of this article.

Step 2: Download and install the “MODPLAY SAI” app, developed exclusively by MODPLAY.iO.

Step 3: After installing the MODPLAY.iO application, you can through this application install the APKs file of the Attack on Titan TACTICS game.

Step 4: The process is a bit complicated, so I will give more detailed instructions.

-> Instructions for installing the MODPLAY SAI application

Attack on Titan TACTICS APK Download for Android

Attack on Titan TACTICS is set in the first installment of the original Titan War anime series. In addition, the manufacturer also plans to add the happenings, characters. And events of the second part to the game in the near future to make the player experience as good as possible. If you are a fan of this manga and want to experience a game related to it. Attack on Titan TACTICS will definitely be a suitable choice for the present time.

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5/5 - (2 votes)