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NameASMR Slicing
PublisherCrazy Labs by TabTale
Latest Version1.5.2
Platforms4.4 and up
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
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ASMR Slicing (MOD, Unlimited Money) is the latest product to appear in Crazy Labs by TabTale’s collection of simulation games. In the game, players will slice countless different objects with knives, or even by saws. Do you think it’s similar to everyday cooking? It seems true but this is not a cooking simulation game. Therefore, it will definitely bring a new and unique experience. If you feel curious about this game, let us learn about it a bit before playing.


Usually, the majority of the player community feels less interested in simple simulation games like Dentist Bling, Super Stylist, or ASMR Slicing. However, this is only a subjective view of some players. You can look at the installment of the aforementioned games at the largest online games app – Google Play. They have reached more than 10 million for a mobile game of the ordinary genre. That’s when I didn’t mention ASMR Slicing because it was a recently released game. However, it also quickly won the hearts of gamers with over 1 million installs in a short time.

In particular, all the aforementioned products are released directly by Crazy Labs by TabTale. Therefore, compared to games of the currently popular genre such as action, role-playing, chess …, simulation games still have certain successes in the market in the context of fierce competition among categories. Moreover, they are the best option to relax after stressful working hours. What do you think about this? If you still don’t have your own opinion, try playing an interesting simulation game, such as ASMR Slicing.


ASMR Slicing brings gameplay and controls quite easy to play smoothly on any mobile device. Specifically, at the beginning of each stage, players only need to slide their finger on the screen interface to control the knife to cut on fixed objects on the table as required. Each time you cut a knife, you can see a slice of the object falling and so on until the progress of each stage is completed. Attention, the progress bar is shown above the experience screen, and players can easily see them know how much longer they have to cut.

When passing certain levels, players can accumulate enough points to unlock new levels. Along with that, a number of new objects also appear, they can be a piece of watermelon, a rock, a spiral, a duck, a sphere … Of course, all of them are made from different easy-to-cut materials. But you can also see them being quite realistic thanks to ASMR Slicing’s vivid 3D graphic design.

Hundreds of levels

I can not count ASMR Slicing levels because they are quite diverse and unique. This game possesses hundreds of levels ranging from easy to difficult, along with countless new challenges with new shapes, new knives, new settings, and surprises. I think you should explore them yourself for the most intuitive experience. Players can also think of a new cutting method that helps optimize operations, shorten the time, and still be able to fulfill the requirements of each game screen. That means you don’t need to work passively because the game also encourages gamers to be creative and train their minds.

Do not think that you can only cut everything with a knife. In the new levels, players can unlock other cutting tools, typically saws. Their operating principles do not change, however, you may find them difficult to control because they are new. Therefore, spending more time to practice will help players become more proficient, thereby conquering many levels and reaching the maximum score. Are you ready to join the game? I guarantee it is not as boring as you think when you look at its name.

Graphics create accents

Although ASMR Slicing is a simulation game with simple gameplay, it still possesses excellent graphics quality built on the 3D platform. The details are quite realistic and sharp, the background is full of color and the sound is quite lively and fun. Besides, each motion in the game is shown very smoothly on the mobile screen. This contributes to a great experience for most players. In particular, this game can be played completely offline, so you can play it anywhere at any time. Maybe on the bus, during recess after class, in the evening before bed … If you have a lot of free time, don’t hesitate to take a few minutes to enjoy the wonderful relaxing moment with ASMR Slicing.

MOD version of ASMR Slicing

Do you mind when ads appear in games? The MOD version of ASMR Slicing at the link below will help you remove all ads in its original version, thereby providing a smooth and perfect experience than ever before. Moreover, with the infinite money feature that this version offers, players can enjoy shopping and unlocking new high-end objects, new types of cutting objects, and special levels in the game. Of course, you can only get them after playing the game for so long. Do you want to spend time playing ASMR Slicing with the purpose of exploring its special levels? Not everyone is willing to do that, so the MOD version of ASMR Slicing is definitely a great choice.

Instructions for installing the MOD version

  • Step 1: Delete other versions of ASMR Slicing if you’ve ever downloaded it to your phone. This is a prerequisite for the MOD version at this site to work.
  • Step 2: Click the link below this article and wait a few seconds to download the APK file.
  • Step 3: Search for the downloaded file in the Downloads section of the mobile device. After determining the location of the file, extract it.
  • Step 4: Click the ASMR Slicing icon and start enjoying it immediately.


Unlike cooking, players will slice objects with different shapes in ASMR Slicing. Use a knife carefully because, with a single hand tremor, you can ruin the perfect path of the knife on an object’s surface. You don’t know where to start cutting, right? You will see the dashed line and just cut follow it. Overall, ASMR Slicing is a fairly simple game both in terms of gameplay and control. However, it possesses countless unique levels and quality graphics. Moreover, it is currently available on both Android and IOS. Therefore, there are not too many obstacles for players to download and enjoy. Do you want to relax on weekends with this game? It would certainly be great.

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