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NameArena of Evolution: Red Tides
Latest Version1.9.14
PlatformsAndroid 4.2
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Arena of Evolution: Red Tides APK + OBB is a famous Auto Chess style game from the publisher PixDance. Currently, this game has quickly achieved more than 1 million installs on Google Play and received a lot of love from the worldwide player community. Basically, the way it works will not be different from other games of the same genre such as Onmyoji Chess or Might & Magic: Chess Royale. Therefore, players will easily get used to right from the first experience. First, let us learn a little about Arena of Evolution: Red Tides.


As you probably know, since the launch, Auto Chess has been sweeping the global player community and showing no signs of stopping. However, this game has not been officially released on the mobile platform. So many publishers have released products with their own Auto Chess gameplay. Notably, the publisher PixDance with the latest game called Arena of Evolution: Red Tides.

Arena of Evolution: Red Tides is a real-time strategy game where you will face other opponents in a strategic battle, controlling generals and destroying enemies. Basically, this game has the same gameplay as in the popular custom modes and maps of Dota Auto Chess. This means that players will have to fight against 7 other players and try to become the final winner. Before starting the battle, you need to prepare yourself the necessary and appropriate pieces to fight against the opponent.

Familiar strategy gameplay

If you’ve ever played games similar to Auto Chess, certainly Arena of Evolution: Red Tides will not be difficult for you at the first experience. Specifically, the battle is divided into two different stages. In the first stage, you can choose the pieces you want to deploy and how you want to place them on the battlefield. In the second phase, you can watch the battles take place automatically. Depending on the outcome of the battle, you will earn more or less money that you can use to receive new troops.

At the beginning of the round, you will be provided with a device to increase your character’s attack, defense, or mana and then execute your attack. The other competitors will do the same, then the game will end and the two sides continue a new round. After completing certain battles, players can use the money they received to buy new heroes or Roll to upgrade their existing army.

In the end, the battle will end if your 7 opponents have zero HP and the winner will have the most HP left. Besides, players will be given 100 HP per game and you need to win. As much as possible to help it always in full condition.

Many similarities with Auto Chess

Right from the interface of Arena of Evolution: Red Tides has shown many similarities with Dota Auto Chess such as around game, 8 × 8 map of the chessboard. Allowing 5 generals to buy 1 turn … with Notify match status corner on the screen. So we should not be too strict with the similarities that this game brings.

Of course, all the races, as well as the characters in the game. Will be completely changed compared to Auto Chess to avoid being subject to copyright elements and affect the long-term development orientation. This means that players will need to spend a certain amount of time to be able to familiarize themselves. With the specifications of generals, races, systems to create the most satisfactory squad in each battle.

Great graphic quality

It can be noticed, graphics quality is really a big plus point of the Arena of Evolution: Red Tides. When this game shows extremely well in terms of image. The design of this game is meticulously elaborate to help players can feel the war vividly on their experience screen. Overall, the display quality of Arena of Evolution: Red Tides will not be inferior to any of the Auto Chess style games on the mobile platform.

How to download Arena of Evolution: Red Tides

Basically, the download method of this game will not be much different from the other games at our site. You only need to follow the instructions below to download and install this game right away:

  • Check if your device has downloaded Arena of Evolution: Red Tides via the App Store or Google Play? If so, delete it immediately to avoid a conflict.
  • Click the APK link below the article to download Arena of Evolution: Red Tides to your device.
  • Proceed with the installation and wait for the process to complete.
    Click the game icon on the main screen, then experience the game according to your own style.

General conclusion

Despite being considered a “follow-up” version, Arena of Evolution: Red Tides still possesses a lot of unique promises. That will not make players feel disappointed. This is a quite complete and suitable alternative for gamers who “play temporarily”. Download and experience this game through the MODPLAY.iO website now.

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4.5/5 - (2 votes)