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NameApex Legends
PublisherElectronic Arts
Latest Version1.5
PlatformsAndroid, PC
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Since its launch, the Battle Royale series seems to have become the most popular game genre of all time. It can be said that this is the upgraded genre of the classic shooter series that has received a lot of attention from the community. In particular, PUBG Mobile is one of the hottest games at the moment with its variants like Fortnite and Garena Free Fire. In these games, competition is very high because, in every match, there are many players participating but the victory is only for a certain person. Therefore, the challenges of this game series are undeniable.

And most recently, Apex Legends APK is a new name that has just appeared on the market not so long ago. The also a prominent product based on the famous Battle Royale game series. Especially, this game is released by Electronic Arts – one of the publishers exploiting the extremely good survival game genre in 2019. So what is that novelty? Let’s find out now.


The story of the game is set in the Titanfall universe sometime after The Frontier War. The conflict between the forces of Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation and Militia lasting thousands of years of history is finally coming to an end. Thanks to that, Frontier – a land far away and remote was able to return to peace. However, since the two opposing forces left, the land here seems to have no sign of life. Everything has been taken away and present life is associated with hardship and hunger. With a life of no rules, the rest people of this land are fighting for money and glory.

The biggest difference between Apex Legends and other games on the market is probably the character system. They are people who are not afraid to take risks and possess unique skill sets. Each of the different characters has their own stories and specific indicators of tactical knowledge, skills … This has contributed to creating a variety of gameplay while helping players open up many unique tactics methods in every game.

Battle Royale elements

With fantasy gameplay based on PUBG, Apex Legends retains the Battle Royale element early in the game. 60 players jump down a large map from an airplane and then each player can start their game at any location. Choosing the first landing location is important because, at this stage, you are not equipped with weapons or armor to fight directly with the opponent. Quickly look for the necessary items to be ready to fight in any given situation.

Besides, show your teamwork ability because you will fight with other teammates in every match of Apex Legends. Working well with your teammates will give you more chances to become a winner. If anyone on the team is injured, you still have a chance to revive them by picking up their banner and taking it to a certain location on the map. Don’t fight alone because your teammates can be of great help to you in every dangerous situation.

Unique character images

As mentioned above, the character system is what makes the difference for the game Apex Legends. Characters in the game inspired by the warriors of future technology. This brings a new dimension to a game developed based on the popular Battle Royale series. With the appearance of many games of the same genre on the market, creativity and innovation are the motivation to help the gaming community pay attention to Apex Legends and desire to explore it more.

Information of eight legends

Currently, the game has 8 different characters, including some prominent names, are Bangalore, Bloodhound, Caustic, Lifeline … Each character has its own skillset shown through certain stats. Specifically, Bangalore is one of the most talented soldiers of the MIC force. Her strong points are her ability to use a grenade launcher, her mobility, and agility. Meanwhile, Bloodhound is a bloodthirsty hunter with the ability to detect traces and find opponents from surrounding locations on the map. Besides, Caustic is a very strange team-mate, he can create all kinds of different traps from toxic gases. In addition, there are many other unique skill sets from the remaining characters in the game. Therefore, please experience and explore by downloading the game via the APK link below.


Summary some questions about Apex Legends

1. Can Apex Legends game be MOD and Hack?

Answer: No

2. Where can I download the Apex Legends original APK?

Answer: You can download the Apex Legends original APK developed by the MODPLAY.iO team.

Note: Currently, there are many fake websites, offering unofficial Apex Legends APK files. Therefore, you can only download the original APK version of Apex Legends at the MODPLAY.iO website.

=) How to install Apex Legends original APK version developed by MODPLAY.iO

Step 1: You need to visit MODPLAY.iO homepage, then search for Apex Legends keyword and download this game’s original APK file at the end of the article.

Step 2: Start installing the APK file until the process is finished.

Step 3: Access the game, to enjoy a culmination of the ultimate Mobile Battle Royale.

Note: A support guide for both the special MOD and original APK versions is released at MODPLAY.iO. Have fun playing games, and have great relaxing moments at our website.


With the success of Apex Legends on the PC platform, publisher Electronic Arts have said that they will develop this game more on other platforms, including mobile. This is good news for fans of this game in particular and the Battle Royale series in general. When Apex Legends for mobile was born, players will have more options to experience the classic shooter series combined with the dramatic action genre. However, many people are concerned about the graphical aspect of the game when switching from PC to mobile. It can be said that the graphics of Apex Legends have really made a good impression on users with vivid images and smooth transition effects. However, to match the configuration of most phones, the game will certainly be optimized about visual. This may affect the player’s experience, but don’t worry because we believe that Electronic Arts will do the best it can for its products.

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