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What do you know about Zombies? Zombies are not real in the current life of humans but through movies, comics or games that players can still visualize them. Because they are so creepy and mysterious, the filmmakers have constantly explored this subject in their cinematographic works and have attracted great attention from readers. Besides, in the field of mobile games, this topic has not shown signs of cooling off in the current market. Evidence is that there are countless games about Zombies that are released continuously from many different publishers. Among them, the prominent names worth mentioning are The Walking Dead: Our World and Delivery From the Pain. However, in this article, we want to introduce the game Another Day (MOD, Unlimited Ammo), a fairly new name from the publisher Elex. Are you ready to learn about Another Day?

The construction genre and traditional survival factors

Basically, Another Day is a role-playing game that is explored on the topic of survival shooting – one of the hottest topics on the current game market. There, players need to try to fight by all means to avoid the fierce hunt from horror zombies. At the same time, through his thrilling adventure, players will discover the mysterious story in a small town in the city, interact with friends and participate in many interesting activities.

In addition, Another Day also integrates basic construction elements to bring a newer experience than traditional survival games. Players will start to build a shelter from the most basic things to hide and store food, medicine, weapons … The integrated construction element is extremely reasonable and necessary because the zombies have numerous numbers, and at the same time, they are always moving and searching for people to satisfy their hunger for bloodthirsty flesh. Because of this, weapons will no longer be the most important thing in a survival game like Another Day, instead, you need to ensure both conditions of residence and attack if you do not want to take failed quickly.

Start your journey from the basics

Players will travel through many places, fight for survival and gradually explore the mysteries of the dark Zombies world. The game will start from the player choosing the name, adjusting equipment and choosing weapons for his character. With level one, you should not be in a hurry to fight directly but instead, proceed to build a residence with the basic items provided. In terms of weapons, each character is only allow to own 2 different types during a certain level. However, in more difficult levels later, players can use bombs, mines … to make weapons.

Most enemies facing players are Zombies and their downside is their slow movement speed. Based on this, players can both shoot and evade attacks from them to avoid being injured. However, if you encounter large zombies, watch out for them if you do not have weapons with large damage. Because they move faster than normal enemies, they can also deal more damage. Therefore, do not lose your life by subjectivity in some situations.

Some features to know

As for the control system, Another Day MOD APK provides the minimalism need when the function keys are visually integrated on the screen. Besides, the function key includes only the moving key, the change bullet button, and the firing button. This simplicity in the control system will help players easily control in observing and fighting. In addition, when in construction mode, players will notice the necessary features are displayed on the toolbar. Therefore, it will not be too difficult to find what you want during the experience.

The game has many different NPCs arranged in certain areas – they are powerful warriors that survive in this ruined world. If you want to interact with one of them and invite them to join your team, first, learn about their story through each task assigned at each game level. Surely you will feel more confident in every battle if you have the help of reliable teammates. Is that right?

In addition, Another Day’s vehicle system is quite diverse with many different categories. Players can own them when reaching the required level. Moreover, do not forget to search and collect items necessary to prepare for a long-term fierce journey. Valuable items can be found in the corpses of destroyed Zombies. These may include guns, ammunition, medicine, drinking water, bombs, etc.

The end

Another Day APK is a new game built on the traditional survival shooter genre. It owns quite interesting gameplay, a simple control system, and a good graphics platform. According to many game commentators, Another Day is a game with potential but in necessary aspects, it has not been really well invested. Therefore, although there are many interesting features, the popularity of this game has not been recognized by the gaming community. However, it is a new game released not too long ago on the market, so the omission is understandable. Surely this game will be develop more in the next updates from the publisher Elex. So stay tuned for Another Day’s better quality experience in the near future.

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3.7/5 - (3 votes)