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NameAFK Arena
PublisherLilith Games
Latest Version1.55.01
PlatformsAndroid 4.1
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AFK Arena APK from the publisher Lilith Games is a perfect combination of card gameplay and traditional action genre. Although it was just released not too long ago, this game has attracted more than 10 million installs from users on Google Play and positive reviews from commentators. AFK Arena brings a whole new experience with the plot built on the element of the epic but its gameplay is extremely simple.

“AFK” in the AFK Arena is an abbreviation for “Away From Keyboard”, that is, even if it does not need to be played, the game still works and evolves like normal games. This makes a difference that you probably haven’t experienced it before in games of the same genre such as Another Eden and Sky: Children of the Light. However, it will not be too difficult to understand, but on the contrary, you can access it easily from the first experience. The game is rated as one of the best products that the publisher Lilith Games brings to the market. So what’s it so special?


AFK Arena tells a mysterious story of the land of Esperia. This is a beautiful place, rich in resources and the most prominent is the majestic natural wonders. However, unlike its appearance, this land has always suffered the devastation from the evil forces. Hypogean is the dark side this game wants to mention. They bring the power of demons to all lands to destroy life, spreading fear and death to everyone.

Outraged by the cruelty of the Hypogeans, the people of Esperia stood up to fight under the help of the goddesses. However, during a battle that lasted for thousands of years, the resistance of the Esperia land gradually weakened and this caused the dark power of the devil to rise again. As a member of Esperia, you will have a mission to protect life and peace. Gather your army and fight now.

New gameplay

“AFK” does not mean leaving the game as you normally think when mentioning the ranking matches in the Arena of Valor or League of Legend games. In fact, this is a new game style of AFK Arena. In the game, you just need to gather all 5 heroes and take them into battle. After that, they will automatically fight with the opponent without the intervention of the player. Moreover, even if you are not login into this game, the hero still performs the task of fighting with enemies and collecting items.

Basically, the play of AFK Arena is mainly focused on the plot, that is, they revolve around the journey to rescue the land of Esperia from the destruction of the dark forces. Therefore, players will have the opportunity to uncover the mysteries, fight to accumulate experience, and improve the level through each game level. If you do not have enough time to experience, let your heroes automatically do it, and when to back, you still get a huge treasure to upgrade or unlock new materials.

Extremely diverse character collection

AFK Arena has integrated more than 50 different characters built on many cultural backgrounds such as Africa and medieval Europe. Each character possesses a unique power that creates a balance for a complete squad. Remember, in order to be effective in combat, your squad needs to ensure all the different types of power coming from the featured characters. Some characters have an attack function, or magic, while other characters can hold a defensive position or support …

Despite the automatic play mechanism, players need to focus more on tactical calculation before each match. Each way of selecting and arranging characters will give different effects in each given battle. And this also creates the necessary variety of gameplay to help players feel excited throughout the long-term experience. Most of the time participating in AFK Arena, players do not need to perform too many operations. But the diversity of characters and the unique gameplay of this game is what makes you spend hours enjoying it.

2D graphic

Although only the 2D image quality is built-in, the graphics quality of the AFK Arena is still appreciated for the beautiful effects of the skills of the characters. Most of the spells in the game, such as summoning the fire of the phoenix. Gathering power into the ball of light is meticulously design and elaborated. This will definitely give players the feeling of living from the first experience of the game. There are many outdoor scenes from the old castle to the snow and plains. Creating spectacular battle scenes for the player during the enjoyment of the game. Overall, the display quality of this game made us feel extremely satisfied. How about you? Please post your comment right below this article.

AFK Arena APK Download for Android

AFK Arena is really an interesting addition for those who love playing the strategy card game genre on mobile platforms. With beautiful graphics and smooth transition effects. This game will surely bring you moments of great experience right on the screen of your smartphone or tablet. In addition, players will be able to compete directly with other competitors around the world through an easy internet connection. This game has relatively simple gameplay. And does not require the player to perform too many operations while playing the game. This means that it will be suitable for most players around the world.

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3/5 - (4 votes)

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