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PublisherADVA Soft
Latest Version4.4.12
PlatformsAndroid 4.1
MOD FeaturesFull Unlocked
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Like Enlight Quickshot or Adobe Lightroom, TouchRetouch MOD APK (Full Unlocked) is a unique photo-editing application that allows users to easily create great photos right on their smartphones. This application will help you remove the redundant details of the photo but still retain the original layout, thereby making the picture a lot more complete and unique. TouchRetouch is currently appearing on both the App Store as well as Google Play for $ 1.99 per download. This is not a large amount of money to experience a great photo editing tool, but if you do not want to lose any cost, you can download this application via the APK link below the article. First, let us rate it right away.

What is TouchRetouch?

TouchRetouch is a specialized application for deleting photo details developed by publisher ADVA Soft on both Android and IOS platforms. The reason we appreciate this application is because its usage is extremely simple does not require advanced users of image editing techniques. Since its launch, this application has been quickly achieved more than 1 million installs on Google Play so you can be assured of the features that it brings.

The special thing is that TouchRetouch has the ability to blur the objects after deletion very well, even better than the famous SnapSeed application. Through TouchRetouch, users can easily remove any redundant details. From a very large car to acne spots, dark pants on the face for more beautiful portraits. In case you accidentally captured a beautiful landscape photo but something appeared in this photo. Try using this application to remove unnecessary things in the image through a few very simple manipulations offline.

How to use TouchRetouch

However, the feature to remove unnecessary objects in the image is what makes it different from other photo editing applications on the market today. For professional photo editors, they will take a long time to create beautiful photos. But when using TouchRetouch, you will do this through a few quick steps.

With TouchRetouch, users only need to mark a part of the line to be deleted to erase the entire. If you have ever used SnapSeed, you will notice that TouchRetouch uses the same but more skillful method. Instead of enlarging the object to delete it more effectively, with TouchRetouch. It only takes 1 time to delete the object that disappears almost completely without leaving any trace.

In addition, TouchRetouch supports up to 3 different types of area identification, including automatic identification of straight lines to erase accurately, without having to use your hands to draw zigzags like other stuff. This will save you a lot of time and effort for yourself.

Lots of unique features

In addition to highly detailed images, TouchRetouch also offers users the Quick Repair feature to be able to edit simple photos quickly and conveniently. In cases where users want to remove small details such as acne, scars, melasma … Then use the Quick Repair feature to save time for you.

In addition, if you accidentally delete something and make your photo become unbalanced, use the Clone Stamp tool. It will help you remove the broken area in a snap and make the picture a lot more beautiful.

In addition, TouchRetouch will have familiar features such as undo, mirror comparison, and Export icon. With the image export stage, you can set a new format (including JPEG, PNG, TIFF), image size (Small, Medium, Orginal), and with JPEG format, there are also quality options. This will definitely bring you very detailed and unique photos a lot more than the original.

Intuitive interface

Like other photo editing applications on the market, TouchRetouch owns a display interface that is relatively intuitive and easy to use. So users only need to click on the related icons to be able to edit photos quickly. As can be seen, the interface system of this application has been greatly reduced to help it become more suitable for mobile platforms. Thereby, giving players the feeling of lightness but no less optimal. Overall, the user interface is one of the highlights that makes this application convenient and suitable for all users worldwide. What do you think about this? Make your comments below this article.

MOD APK version of TouchRetouch

MOD features:

  • Unlocked All
  • Full Paid

How to install TouchRetouch

Usually, there won’t be too much inconvenience in installing APK files at our site. TouchRetouch, too, the way to install and use it will not be too different from other applications on the website. If you do not have any experience in downloading and using the application at MODPLAY.iO, please follow the instructions below:

  • Check if TouchRetouch has been installed on your device before? If so, please delete it before starting to install the APK version.
  • Click the link provided APK below the article to download and install.
  • Allow the device to install applications of unknown origin.
  • Once the installation process is complete, simply click on the TouchRetouch icon available on the screen and experience immediately.

Download TouchRetouch MOD APK for Android

In addition to the ability to remove redundant details simply and effectively. There is another advantage that we like very much on the TouchRetouch application which is a very light capacity of only 15MB and a fairly clean interface layout. This will definitely make users feel extremely convenient in editing photos. Because it is compatible with most devices at the present time. In addition, the publisher is even more thoughtful when they equipped with up to five quick tutorials on how to use the features of TouchRetouch to delete objects in Section Tutorials. This help user can easily get used to the application quickly.

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5/5 - (3 votes)