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Normally, photos taken with the phone will not be as high quality as those taken with a dedicated camera. However, things have completely changed in a positive way for now because the resolution of the cameras on phones has been greatly improved. Along with the help of extremely professional photo editing applications, it will definitely make your photos more beautiful than ever. So, we’d like to mention very familiar photo editing apps like Enlight Pixaloop or PicsArt Photo Editor that have been reviewed in previous posts. In this article, let us learn Enlight Quickshot APK – an application that has been getting a rating of up to 4.8 / 5 in the online store App Store. So what is it special that many users evaluate it? Refer to this article now.

Take photos directly from the device’s camera

Unlike most other photo editing applications on mobile platforms, Enlight Quickshot allows users to freely take photos through the built-in camera system in the application. Basically, the way it works will be similar to the conventional camera but offer more editing features. This will surely make the user’s photography process as easy and complete as possible.

Besides, this application also integrates quite a lot of typical shooting modes such as Strobe, HDR, or Quickshot which allows users to easily apply to their photos quickly. About the features of each shooting mode, we will mention right below this article to help you better understand them. In general, you should use the built-in camera from Enlight Quickshot instead of using the normal camera from your device.

Many featured shooting modes

When experiencing Enlight Quickshot, users will be allowed to use all three featured photography modes without any application on the market currently available. Here are some highlights of each mode:

Quickshot: Basically, every time a user takes a quick picture, the details displayed in the image are likely to be tilted compared to normal and you need to adjust it. With QuickShot mode, everything in the image is automatically aligned and straightened with the help of the built-in AI. This will save you a lot of time to edit, as well as bring the finishing touches of the captured image.

HDR +: HDR is no longer a strange concept for photographers who love photography because it is really useful for photos taken in low light conditions. Basically, this feature combines a series of photos at different exposures and blends them to create images with extremely dark areas as well as extremely detailed highlights.

Strobe: With this feature, it will allow users to easily capture actions and movements in photos quickly. This unique feature is very rare on mobile devices, so you only need to download the Enlight Quickshot app for easy use. The mode of operation of this model is relatively familiar, it mimics long strobe lights and exposure lights to create great moving images.

Many outstanding features are built-in

One of the outstanding features that cannot be missed in the Enlight Quickshot application is the ability to edit multiple photos at once. This means that users only need to edit a complete picture, then apply filters from that photo to many different photos easily. This will save you a lot of time and effort in editing images.

The app’s filters are categorized into different packages for photo topics like portrait, nature, urban, and more. Choose the preset and click once more to customize it, then apply it to all of your photos at once to create great artwork right away.

Besides, Enlight Quickshot also provides users with many different photo editing effects so you can easily customize the photos to best suit your needs. Typically, some familiar tools such as filters, increase and decrease brightness, customize the details, saturation, vibration, … promises to make you feel extremely satisfied.

The interface is arranged harmoniously and beautifully

In terms of interface, Enlight Quickshot is designed in a familiar minimalist style to help users feel the visual right from the first use. The main features are displayed right on the screen and they are integrated with different icons so the user will not have too much difficulty distinguishing. Besides, the dominant black tones from this app will make you feel light and comfortable during the experience.

In general, everything in this application is arranged quite harmoniously and not too complicated. This will surely bring users the most convenient and useful possible. If you are a fan of the neat and minimalistic design, Enlight Quickshot will definitely be a not bad choice.

How to install Enlight Quickshot for Android/PC

Like most applications on our website, Enlight Quickshot has a relatively simple installation method. So you will not take too much time to use it on your device. Here are some steps to install this application on MODPLAY.iO:

  • Step 1: Download the app via the APK link available below this article.
  • Step 2: Ensure that other versions of Enlight Quickshot installed via the App Store or Google Play are removed from your device before proceeding with the installation.
  • Step 3: Click the install button and allow the device to be able to install unknown applications.
  • Step 4: Once the installation process is complete, simply click on the application’s icon that appears on the main screen and you can use it immediately. It’s simple and easy, isn’t it?


Update version Enlight Quickshot (Latest APK Original) developed by MODPLAY.iO

– Update adds new effects
– Fix lag and jerks when installing photos
– Integrate more HDR + effects

The end

Enlight Quickshot will change the way you look at mobile photography. This app will convince you that your phone’s camera is the only thing you need for a great photo. Besides, this application also brings a lot of photography features as well as extremely professional photo editing that will surely satisfy every user in the present time. What are you waiting for? Download Enlight Quickshot now to learn how to edit high-end photos but extremely simple. We believe it is truly a must-have app for any user who loves photography on mobile devices.

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