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NameBigo Live
PublisherBigo Technology PTE
Latest Version4.32.5 (Latest)
PlatformsAndroid 4.1
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Social networking sites are becoming more popular at the moment, which makes the need to communicate and make friends around the world easier than ever. Evidence is that there are already quite a lot of applications that allow users to interact with others through streaming, recording videos, posting photos, … such as TikTok and CubeTV. They quickly won the hearts of users and brought a huge profit to the publisher. In this article, we will introduce readers to Bigo Live APK – is a dedicated application for online streaming that is extremely prominent in the market. Basically, it will help users can easily share their memorable moments with friends around the world in real-time. Join us to learn about this great application right away.

Bigo Live is the application like?

You may not know, Bigo Live is a social networking site that allows users to use live streaming in real-time via an internet connection. Through this application, users can sing, dance, cook, chat, even share tips in life, or talk about certain trends that are prevalent in the present time. Remember, if you are a talented person or have good speaking skills, you will get a lot of live views on this app.

Basically, Bigo Live is almost like Live Stream, which we meet a lot on social networking sites now. From Facebook to Youtube, users are excited about exchanging and interacting with each other online through built-in live streaming. This will help them to easily record and exchange and share the interesting things in life to others quickly.

Create an account before you start using it

Like other social networking sites today, users need to create an account before starting to use Bigo Live APK. After downloading this app to your device, you should follow the steps below to proceed to create an account:

Step 1: Enter your phone number to register for Bigo Live experience, you can also use your Google / Facebook / Twitter account to be able to register directly.

Step 2: After confirming the correct information, the application will automatically send an authentication code to the phone number you have registered. Then you just need to enter this verification code into this application to complete the registration process.

Step 3: Now you need to create a password to log in Bigo Live.

Step 4: Add your personal information fully, including Full name, gender, date of birth, hometown … and click continue.

Step 5: This app will automatically suggest users some hot idols, you just need to click the Done button to start using.

In general, the account registration and installation process in the Bigo Live application are not too complicated, so it only takes a short time to complete it.

Some outstanding features

Watch Live Stream for free: When using the Bigo Live app, users can watch a lot of live streams at home and abroad easily. The application will automatically update you on the live stream which is having the most views. Next, users just need to click on the icon to view immediately. Besides, to start the Livestream is also very easy just to select “Broadcast” and you can start it.

Chat, follow and give gifts: Bigo Live’s chat screen is extremely sharp. Users can drop the heart, comment on reviews or interact with that person. In addition, the extremely attractive gifting feature in Bigo Live you have gifts: flowers, beer, car … and many other unique gifts, this makes your live stream more attractive and interesting with this gift-giving feature. You can also follow that person, or make friends every time that person plays live you will be the first to receive the announcement.

Video call: If you find someone’s live appealing, or suits you well, the Bigo Live app gives you instant video calling. This means that two people can call and talk directly in that conversation quickly.

Make friends around: Bigo Live makes it easy to find friends around you through built-in location sharing. What are you waiting for? Make friends with them and text them through this great application now.

Play games directly on the application: In addition to the Live Stream feature, Bigo Live also integrates entertainment features with extremely interesting games such as shooting fish, racing … and many different game genres waiting You discover in this application. Do you think you become a celebrity? Come to Bigo Live to answer that question yourself.

The end

Compared to other live stream applications on the market today, Bigo Live stands out thanks to the great features built-in. Basically, this application allows users to broadcast live video with quite a good image quality, fast connection speed, the chat system is displayed visually on the experience screen. This will definitely help the interaction between viewers and live video streamers are easier than ever. Besides, viewers can also comment, share hearts, gifts, track the number of viewers, “likes” … Almost everything is perfect in this application.

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